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   The story of plaza begins with two people Anthony and Laurie Cerasia fresh out of school and completely in love. Trying to get a job were both of them could be together, therefore they thought why not start a pizzeria? To name the pizzeria was part of a different story told by Laurie's father about the old country and how people would get together in the plaza (or village square) and eat, talk, and share life experience. So when they decided to open the pizzeria it seemed common sense that they would hope to accomplish the same thing here in America. After a few years they had a child Anthony, and a few more years later another son named Matthew. Both sons were raised in the family business, and as they grew so did the business. Many years later and many moves into new locations the Cerasia family is still sharing their food, and love for people with Gloversville. Today the Cerasia family hopes you will join them for lunch or dinner at any of their fine establishments.